what is a polygon , how many sides does a polygon have

What is a polygon shape?

What are Polygons? A Polygon is a closed figure made up of line segments (not curves) in a two-dimensional plane. Polygon is the combination of two words, i.e. poly (means many) and gon (means sides). A minimum of three line segments is required to connect end to end, to make a closed figure.

What is a simple definition for polygon?

In geometry, a polygon can be defined as a flat or plane, two-dimensional closed shape bounded with straight sides. It does not have curved sides. The sides of a polygon are also called its edges. The points where two sides meet are the vertices (or corners) of a polygon.

What is a polygon and give examples?

Triangles, hexagons, pentagons, and quadrilaterals are all examples of polygons. The name gives an indication of how many sides the shape has. For example, a triangle consists of three sides while a quadrilateral consists of four sides.

What is a polygon in Kids terms?

polygon. • a plane shape having three or more straight sides.

Is a polygon of 5 sides?

Pentagon (five-sided polygon)

Is a polygon 3 sides?

A polygon with 3 sides is known as a thriagon.

What are the polygon sides?

The sides of a polygon are made of straight line segments connected to each other end to end. Thus, the line segments of a polygon are called sides or edges. The point where two line segments meet is called vertex or corners, henceforth an angle is formed. An example of a polygon is a triangle with three sides.

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