layens hive , hive city

What is a Layens hive?

The Layens hive is a horizontal hive holding 20 large frames (13” long by 16” deep) on one level. (The number of frames can be smaller or greater depending on your local honeyflows.) It is loaded with frames during the spring inspection and then opened in the fall for honey harvest.Feb 16, 2017

How much honey does a Layens frame hold?

12 lbs

What is a hive city?

A hive city or simply a hive, is a massive arcology, or fully self-contained city, that is home to millions or even billions of Human beings loyal to the Imperium of Man. Hive cities are often found in clusters on the densely populated urban planets known in the official Imperial lexicon as Hive Worlds.

Who runs a hive city?

Houses. Hive City is controlled by six Houses of manufacturers that control their own section. Each of these powerful Houses controls a number of hive gangs which enforce the Houses’ territorial control.Mar 30, 2017

How many hive cities are on a planet?

With each hive housing between 10 to 100 billion people and 5 to 20 hives per planet, the sheer number of Imperial citizens on a Hive World is staggering.

How big is a hive city 40k?

A hive city can have on average upwards of 2 trillion inhabitants (that is 2,000,000,000,000 people or 2×10^12, twelve zeroes). There are roughly 1 million inhabited worlds under the control of the Imperium (that is 1,000,000 worlds or 1×10^6, six zeros)Aug 9, 2020

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