how to stake stratis , what is stratis

Where can I store Stratis?

Secure multiple assets, including Stratis using a Ledger Hardware Wallet. Your private keys, giving access to your assets, remain safe in a certified secure chip.

What is Strax wallet?

The STRAX Wallet is a wallet which allows you to send and receive STRAX Tokens. x64. x86.

What is Stratis Cryptocurrency?

Stratis is a cryptocurrency that powers the Stratis blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS) platform. Stratis aims to help businesses develop, test, and deploy new blockchain apps.

What is Stratis app?

With the new STRATIS Mobile App, Residents, Staff, Visitors, and Vendors can seamlessly use mobile passes for all electronic access points including elevators, parking garages, common areas, amenity areas, and of course, apartment units.

What does Stratis crypto do?

Stratis (STRAT) is a blockchain network that makes developing, running, and launching blockchain-based applications and networks easy for developers.

What is Stratis apartment?

STRATIS is an award-winning wireless access, energy, and automation management and control platform for multifamily and campus communities. In the company’s first 18 months of operation, it has achieved massive growth. Today, STRATIS serves 150,000 multifamily units across 45 states.

Which wallet supports Stratis?

Introduction. Stratis group provides a blockchain platform for . Net developers. Stratis provides the Strax Wallet through which you can send and receive STRAX in your crypto wallet.Mar 31, 2022

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