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Is hive Blockchain a buy?

While HIVE has a C rating in our proprietary rating system, one might want to consider looking at its industry peers, NetScout Systems, Inc. (NTCT) and Celestica, Inc. (CLS), which have an A (Strong Buy) rating. HIVE shares were trading at $2.40 per share on Thursday morning, down $0.13 (-5.14%).Jan 13, 2022

Is HIVE a public company?

HIVE is a relatively new public company that uses high powered computing assets to mine cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin on the cloud.

How do I buy hive Blockchain stock?

Now that you’re ready to go, click on the “Trading” tab, followed by “Stocks/ETFs” (as shown in the image below.) In the “Symbol” box, search HVBTF to pull up the HIVE stock. As this is your first time purchasing, select “Buy”, and enter the quantity you’d like to purchase, and at which “Price type”.Jun 16, 2021

What Blockchain does HIVE use?

Simply put, HIVE is a cryptocurrency mining firm. We validate transactions on blockchain networks — like Ethereum — for rewards paid in cryptocurrencies. Everyday HIVE earns new crypto coins which it can monetize for revenue and cash flow.

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