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What is hives in bee?

A hive is a house, a place where bees live. It is a structure, usually man-made, that a colony calls home. The colony is the family unit consisting of a queen, workers, and—for a few months of the year—drones. In other words, a colony lives in a hive.

How much is a full bee hive?

There is a wide variety of beehives available, and they all have different costs. You can get inexpensive beehives for even less than $100. Most hives fall into the medium range, at around $200. While expensive beehives can go for $800 or more.Aug 3, 2021

Can I have a beehive in my backyard?

You can keep bees in your backyard – subject to the laws in the area where you live – but you need to make sure they have a clear flight path in and out of the hive. ‘Orienting the hive so that bees fly across a path, patio area or part of the garden which is used regularly is not a good idea,’ explains Pete.Jan 23, 2022

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