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How much is a full bee hive?

There is a wide variety of beehives available, and they all have different costs. You can get inexpensive beehives for even less than $100. Most hives fall into the medium range, at around $200. While expensive beehives can go for $800 or more.Aug 3, 2021

How much does it cost to start your own bee hive?

The minimum cost to start beekeeping with one beehive is about $760 for the first year. One set of hive components costs around $270. A bee package is approximately $175. Protective gear and basic tools cost $165 while miscellaneous costs for supplies and sales taxes are about $150.Aug 1, 2020

Can I buy bees for my hive?

For the beginner beekeeper, buying bees is the easiest and safest way to start an apiary. The two most common ways to receive bees are: package bees or a nucleus hive. Package Bees: To order a package of bees, contact a local beekeeper supply or local beekeeping association.Mar 12, 2019

Is it cheaper to build your own beehive?

It is CHEAPER to build everything yourself. In total I spent around $176 for 2 hives.May 8, 2019

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