at the hive , hive board game

Is Hive a good game?

The verdict is in. Hive is a great game. Easy to teach, a good amount of strategy, durable pieces, and it’s really fun to boot. Even your friends who hate bugs will love to play Hive!May 15, 2016

Is Hive like chess?

Hive shares elements of both tile-based games and board games. It differs from other tile-based games in that the tiles, once placed, can then be moved to other positions according to various rules, much like chess pieces.

Is Hive Hard to play?

If you think Hive might be shallow, or have no strategy, think again. It’s surprisingly challenging, surprisingly deep, easy to learn, hard to master, has almost zero set up and take down time and plays in around 20 minutes on average, so it ticks many of my boxes.Jun 30, 2021

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